Our Lenses follow the original manufactures’ fitting systems, so our parts are supplied with Tear off posts, Plain (When OEM uses Tear off clips or frame fitting roll off) or with a 3 Hole Tear off / Roll off fitting (For example for Smith Intake Goggle it is classed as ‘Universal’). All of our Lenses are made of Lexan Polycarbonate which gives full UV protection, an Anti-Fog inner coating, Anti-Scratch outer coating and are all CE Tested to meet all EU safety standards.

Lenses are available for RNR in Tear off form (with tear off pegs), Roll off and Raised strip roll off. (Raised strip roll off lens is also available in XL).


  • Blue – Sunny Conditions
  • Pink – Sunny Conditions
  • Green – Strongest colour to wear in sunny conditions
  • Yellow – Dark / overcast conditions
  • Orange – Strongest colour to wear in dark / overcast conditions
  • Smoke – General tint (Not ideal for dark / overcast conditions

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